Even The Best Servants Get Sick

The other day I went over to my friends’ house and had play date with Harlen and Lola. We always have such a good time. I get to see them pretty often because I go over there whenever Lady Servant and Man Servant are going to be out all day working or doing some other boring thing. So I thought nothing of it when they dropped me off.

Harlen and Lola’s Servant brought me home that afternoon, and still I was not suspecting anything out of the ordinary. When I walked in the house Man Servant greeted me at the door. Woohoo! I love it when he is home early. I moseyed into the living room to find Lady Servant on the couch, propped up with pillows and looking pretty bad. I was waiting for some rational explanation and for Man Servant to tell me who did this to her.

Apparently, she had surgery. They tell me that is when you go to the vet’s office, they make you black out so you don’t remember anything and then they take stuff out of you. It hurts really bad and it takes a little while to get back to normal. So, I couldn’t jump up on Lady Servant, because apparently she has some stitches in her belly and jumping on them would hurt her. ┬áBut I don’t understand why she can’t play with me? She has basically been ignoring me for days. I can’t take it anymore! She seems to have the nerve to want me to come to her to be petted! Can you imagine?

I have been trying to hang out on the couch and nap with her, but I have to admit that my patience for her inability to move around normally is wearing thin. They do tell me this will be over soon and she will be back to her regular playful self, but when??? What do you do when your humans are out of commission?

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