Brrr... I'm a Floridian

Here I am, snuggled in my fleece blankie. I plan on doing this a lot this winter.

I know you must think I am never satisfied – complaining when it is hot out and complaining when it is cold. But this last week has just been crazy cold. I don’t know how those northern dogs do it. I mean, Betty and Veronica have to pee in the snow, like 6 months out of the year in Utah. That is not ok.

I am a native Floridian (at least I don’t think I ever lived in another state), as such, I like the warm weather. I like to sit outside and sun myself, even when the Servants think I am overheated. I like to run around the yard and go for long walks in mid-July. Well, maybe not such long walks… but I really do not like the cold weather.

I’m just not sure what to do with myself. I mean, I see other dogs running around in sweaters and booties and I think to myself “Surely it is not cold enough for booties? I mean how do you have any traction at all with those things on?” But I’ve got to admit, there have been moments when I have been envious of Macy and her little pink, fleece snuggie. It just looks so warm and cozy. The Servants have not caught on to the dog snuggie craze yet, but I think if this weather keeps up I may have to make Lady Servant get me one.

You know, it is not just me. I have these friends, Harlen and Lola and they are Siberian Huskies. From Siberia. (OK, well these two never actually lived in Siberia, but someone in the blood line clearly did, otherwise they wouldn’t have so much fur to stay warm.) So, if Harlen is complaining, you know it is bad. Just the other day, he told me that he wished Lola were a bit snugglier because he was a little chilly. I let him know that next time I come over, I will snuggle. (After I chase him around for hours and tackle him.)

OK, other-dog-Servants, this question is for you: Where do you stand on the cold weather sweaters? Should your dog wear a sweater all the time? When temps dip below 70? 60? 50??? Only in the snow? I want to know (I need some ammunition to go back to my Servants.)

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