Happy Halloween

This guy clearly doesn't mind getting dressed up.

This guy clearly doesn’t mind getting dressed up.

This past weekend was my very first time at any of the Fantasy Fest events in Key West. It seems that a lot of humans are naked during these festivities, but I don’t get why that matters. I mean, I am naked most of the time, and nobody seems to mind that, right?

Anyway, the Servants decided I should dress up, too, so we would all be in costume. I tried on a couple of outfits, including a punk rock look complete with pink faux hawk, but in the end the dinosaur costume won. I thought it was much more intimidating. (Plus, I don’t know any of the lyrics to songs by The Cure, so I would have felt like a phony.)

The dinosaur costume was a little snug around my mid-section (I’m pretty sure the Servants were

This was costume option #1

This was costume option #1

talking about how plump I am. Whatever. There is more of me to love.) and I didn’t like the elastic bands on my hind legs. It was a little strange and I felt like if I peed, I might pee on the dinosaur tail (and I thought that might not go over too well.) The other part is the hat. Every time I shook my head, it fell off. Naturally, every time the Servants fixed it, I then shook my head. Ha!

This was the winner, although I did feel like my own head was staring at me.

This was the winner, although I did feel like my own head was staring at me.

I took the outfit off shortly after getting to the party because I knew I’d be more comfortable naked. Plus, some of my human friends weren’t in costume either, so I didn’t feel out of place.

What are you wearing for your Halloween festivities?

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