Hanging With Henry

That's me, and Henry in the background.

That’s me, and Henry in the background.

The Servants have been away now for just over a week, and while I will be delighted to see them tomorrow, I have been enjoying my time here at Chez Henry. (Oh, and when I do see the Servants, I will not let on that I am happy to see them. Instead I will pout and make them feel really bad for leaving me. Do you think it will work?)

Here at Chez Henry, the rules are all different. Well, there aren’t really too many rules, to be honest. I get to sleep in bed with Henry’s servants (and I have been shoving him out of the way when I need more cuddling). This is a change I would like to implement when the Servants get back. They have a nice, big, fluffy bed and I want in. Dare to dream.

Henry’s Servants have been kind of immune to him sniffing around while they eat. But nobody is immune to the Babka stare, and when Henry and I tag-team them, well, they can’t resist giving in, even if it is just a little. They also bought us a tandem leash, which is so much fun. Why is it fun? Well, for one thing, I can take off walking really fast while Henry is mid-pee. (Trust me. That is a good time.) For another thing, I can always be in front. (Henry has learned to love my take-charge attitude.) Lastly, we walk so close together that it is easy for us to mock passing dogs (or Servants) without them being onto us. Sometimes these Servants wise up to me tugging Henry while he is peeing and make us walk on our own separate leashes. Bah humbug.

The only thing really wrong here is the evil furball. He doesn’t like me, and I don’t like him. If he’d just stay out of my way, we would all be fine, but nooooooo…. he has to be a pesky cat and be, well, feline. Ugh.

Other than that, I have been having tons of fun, and I really do love that I get a vacation, too. But, I am ready for those silly Servants of mine to get their butts home and rub my belly.


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