Just a Normal Day

I still like to eavesdrop even if I am sleeping...

I still like to eavesdrop even if I am sleeping…

I realize that I often write about the strange goings-on in the human world. Rarely do I talk about what a normal day in my life is like, but today is the day. I’m a dog, so most of my day is occupied by three things: sleeping, eating and walking. I am good at all of them.

A typical day starts off with my Man Servant going out for a run. Then he comes home and has to pry me out of bed to go for a walk, where I get to chase lizards, use the bathroom and stretch my legs. When I get home it is time for breakfast. One of the Servants will get my kibble, and they usually put in a little something extra – chicken, perhaps, or a bit of leftover fish. I started training them when I first arrived. I would pretend that I didn’t want to eat until they stuffed my bowl full of goodies. Now, it is just expected.

After breakfast I will usually take a nap. But this requires some thinking. I can either follow the

My many napping faces.

My many napping faces.

Lady Servant to her office and sleep on the couch, I can sneak into the Servants’ bed for a real cozy nap or I can go lie by the window and get some sun and bark at lizards. As you can see, the decision making process itself is exhausting, so sometimes I need to have a nap in multiple locations.

Sometime midday, if the Lady Servant is home, she will eat lunch. Since I only eat twice a day (theoretically), I use this opportunity to stare her down and make her give me treats. This works for me 100% of the time. Then it is time for a quick bathroom break, and it is back to my napping.

By 4:00 I am fully awake and ready to get going. Where? Who cares! It is time to party! I have been sleeping all day. Of course, the Lady Servant is still working and she tries to appease me by saying things like “We’ll go out soon” or “Just give me five minutes.” Five minutes? Sometimes it takes her an hour. But I wait. Impatiently.

Sometimes I just want to curl up for a post-treat nap.

Sometimes I just want to curl up for a post-treat nap.

Then we go out for a nice long walk. I am super excited that the weather is starting to cool down so we can walk a bit longer in the evenings. We are usually out for at least forty five minutes, which never tires me out.(Hello РI have been sleeping all day). Upon arriving back home, I always beg to run around the yard. I am very convincing, so I usually get to go. Lizards galore, out there. It is awesome.

Then it is dinner time, and I enjoy my kibble (and treats). After that, I am all in for snoozing on the couch, or lounging on the rug, or snuggling in a human lap. I think it might sound a bit boring to you – especially if you go out, work, see lots of other humans all day – but it makes me happy.

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