Everybody Poops

Just the other day, I realized something funny. Humans need to go to the bathroom far more often than dogs. I wonder why that is? I usually go for a walk in the morning, (and this is TMI, I know…) go to the bathroom then.

I then take a walk in the middle of the day, and then again in the evening before dinner. I go each time. For a dog, I think I drink a lot of water (the Lady Servant is always telling me to stay hydrated.) But I still don’t need to pee every five seconds. I just enjoy my beverage, then go back to whatever I was doing napping.

A couple of days ago as I was riding from Key West to Hollywood with the Lady Servant and my Grand Servants, it seemed that every two minutes we had to stop because the Lady Servant had to pee. She said something about an unusually large iced tea at lunch, and then another one in a to-go cup, but nonetheless there were a couple extra stops made. For the record, during those many stops, I only peed once.

I am no anatomy expert, but it seems that I should have a much smaller bladder than the humans, right? So what is up with them always needing to go? I guess this is just one of those many mysteries that I will never figure out. (Much like why it is that the Servants never get really excited to run around the backyard… Those strange humans…)



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