First of all,  I want to take a moment to wish you a happy new year filled with marvelous treats, lots of sunshine and long walks.

You may recall that last year I was lobbying for a nice sweater. Well, this year the cold weather just snuck up on me. It was pouring out, so I was hunkered down on the couch not going anywhere, when I hear the Servants talking about a cold snap coming. Sometimes they have the weirdest conversations. It went like this: 

Lady Servant: Crap. It is going to get cold in the next couple of days. 

Man Servant: Uh huh. So?

Lady Servant: Do you think Babka needs a sweater? 

Man Servant: Probably a good idea…

Lady Servant: Eh, I’m sure she’ll be fine. After all, she wears a fur coat all the time. 

Uh, wait a minute, Lady Servant. (Insert screeching-to-a-halt sound here…) What did you say? Are you actually talking about letting me freeze my little tushie off when it is in the 40s outside? I certainly hope not. I walked around shivering for a few minutes until they got the message.

Lady Servant: Well, I guess we need to get something. I’m going to go online and find something cute. 

The next day, when the cold front was imminent, Man Servant went out to the store and decided to outfit me for winter. I’ll say this: I am really thrilled that he did not feel the need to buy booties. He did get me a really cute jacket. It even has pockets in case I need to carry stuff around with me. (Ahem, Servants? I’m gonna need one of those smartphone thingies… and bigger pockets.)

Next I will work on getting myself a raincoat. Because although I don’t get cold too often here in Florida, it rains a lot. I spent the whole day on Saturday going to the door and then when one of the Servants tried to get me to go out in that ick, just planted my feet in the doorway and refused to leave. That would have been much better in a slicker and hood. Stay tuned for photos of more outerwear coming soon!

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