A Dog, A Friend and A Boat

I have a lot of friends that love the water. Every chance they get they are jumping in the pool as if it is the greatest thing ever. I think they are a little nuts. I’m not such a fan of the pool, or water in general. So when the Servants told me we were going on a boat, my first thought was “Cool! That sounds awesome! What’s a boat?” 

Of course my second thought, once I understood what a boat was for, was “Oh crap. Am I going in the water? No, thank you.” The Lady Servant came home with a big, thick jacket the day before, with a cute anchor pattern on it, an insisted that I try it on. It is plastic and it has a handle on the back, which means, much to the Servants’ amusement, they can pick me up like a suitcase. That little episode left them laughing for hours, and it left me dangling in the air with my legs flailing. I was not amused, and it made me a bit more hesitant about the whole boat thing.

But the very next day, off we went to the marina to meet a human friend. As we strolled along the dock, I saw a number of boats, and even a few canines. Getting on and off was easy – remember I have a a handle, so I didn’t worry too much about my short legs not making the leap. But once on the boat, there was a lot to see.

I was sniffing around checking the place out when all of a sudden, Steve, the human with the boat, started really moving. I slid across the front and had no idea what had happened. I spent the next hour checking out the front, the back and mostly the stable center right at Steve’s feet. But then the weather turned bad so (fortunately for me) we had no trips to the sand bar that day. It was just a quick outing so that I could check out the boat.

What did I think? Well, I didn’t hate it, and I would probably go again without protest. I hope that I am invited back, because I would like to get my sea legs (as long as my sea legs don’t have to get wet.)

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