Babka, C.E.C.

(Chief Executive Canine)

I’m a dog, so of course, I love treats. When I was adopted in October 2011, my humans had never had a dog – or any other pet. Well, there was one ill-fated bird, but that is another story. Luckily for me, they are so good to me. They are obsessed with my health and well being (not to mention my ability to cuddle and my sheer cuteness). They were giving me all sorts of treats that seemed “healthy” but the treats upset my tummy.

Finally, my humans were so annoyed by the stuff that seemed to be good but really wasn’t (not to mention my upset tummy – that part bothered me the most), my mom decided to bake me some treats from scratch. It was then I realized that I am NEVER leaving these people. I am one lucky dog. Those treats were so tasty – all of my friends thought so too – that she decided to make them available to everyone. (Well, OK, maybe only everyone in the United States for now. They won’t put me in charge of shipping for fear of treats going missing). Now you can be as lucky as I am and enjoy Babka Bars any time. Personally, I like to eat them while lounging by the pool. Or on the rug. Or on the couch. Or when I am out with my people…