Our Tasting Panel

Babka has some friends join her on the Babka Bars Tasting Panel.

Henry, sending in his Babka Bars tasting notes


Henry, from Key West, FL

Terrier, 25 pounds, can talk like a pirate (“arrrrrrrrrrrr”) and jump really high

Henry loves to try out new Babka Bars flavors. Which are his favorites? Whichever ones are in his house. If forced to choose, he would pick Peanut Butter and Banana about half the time and Berry Berry the other half. Henry is very democratic in his treat choices.




Charlie, with Daisy the Cat (giving him the cold shoulder after eating all the Babka Bars)


Charlie, from New York, NY

Pit Bull Mix, 52 pounds, loves bird watching, as well as the constant excitement of city life. 

Charlie doesn’t mind sharing the couch and bed with his sibling cats, but not his Babka bars!  He is hoping to meet Babka, the inspiration behind his favorite treat, one day soon. 





Lola lounging... and Harlen


Harlen and Lola, from Hollywood, FL

Siberian Huskies, 55 pounds, love when Babka comes over for a visit and posing for photos.

Harlen and Lola both love the outdoors. They like to go for bike rides, walks in the park and run around the backyard. They never fight… unless there is only one Babka Bar left.



Look how cute I am! No wonder they named me after royalty.


King Harry, from Hollywood, FL

Yorkshire Terrier, small, but knows how to use his weight

King Harry, or simply “King” as he is known to his subjects,  refuses the leash and loves his owners. He sleeps on a throne-like mountain of pillows and snacks only on Babka Bars.