The Voice

I know by the subject, you may think I am talking about that television show where judges twirl around on fancy chairs, but alas, that is not the case. I am talking about hearing voices. It is not just my imagination, either. These are real voices, and sometimes I even know the human behind the voice.  Continue reading The Voice

Stood Up

What do you think of this picture?

What do you think of this picture?

The other day I was supposed to get together with my friend, Henry. Now, I know he doesn’t enjoy the summer and gets all itchy and stuff, but is a little itchy skin a reason to stand me up for our date? Apparently so. Continue reading Stood Up

The Magic Box

I know I have said it before, but these humans have a lot of weird contraptions. I’ve got my bed, my toys and food, and that is about it for my “gadgets“. Now, don’t get me wrong – I actually like a lot of these things, but every once in a while they throw me for a loop when they introduce an whole new thing. Continue reading The Magic Box

I’m Back!

I will admit that I have been pretty lazy all summer. There is a reason they call it the “dog days”, you know.
It has been quite relaxing summer for me. I hope the warm (hot) weather has treated you well, too. I have had many adventures in that awful pool (still hate it). I have been enjoying shorter walks, as the pavement gets really, really scorchingly hot. I have also been loving my post-walk air conditioning time.

I am feeling well rested and looking forward to a super busy fall. I have marketing to do for Babka Bars, I have to gear up for my upcoming vacation with my friend, Henry (and that dreadful feline he shares his house with…) and most of all, I need to continue perfecting my pretending-every-day-is-a-weekend and lying on the couch or sneaking into bed. (I’m already really good at it, so the practice is just for fun)
I hope you will stick around with me for my all new adventures coming up.

Oh, and just because I have been lazy, that doesn’t mean everyone has been… Lady Servant has been busy baking fresh Babka Bars and they are currently available. See you next week with a whole new adventure.

Summer Vacation

I recently have heard of a lot of people I know – both dogs and humans – are going on a summer vacation. I was jealous. I spoke to the Servants about this situation, and it seems that we are not going on any type of vacation. I protested that I needed a break. After all, I have been working so hard on blog and all.

Alas, I am going to take my own vacation. I am going on blogging hiatus until the fall, when I will be back with all new stories and grand tales of ways I have tortured the Servants over the summer. (Plus, I will have extra time, so I can be extra creative with my torturing.)

Meanwhile, you can still order Babka Bars as often as you like – the Lady Servant has been baking up a storm. I will be meditating and revitalizing my creative juices. (Just so you know, by “meditating and revitalizing my creative juices“, obviously I mean “chasing lizards and sunning myself“)

I hope you have a great summer and you can expect to hear more from me in the fall.


Camp Grandpaw

When the Servants told me they were going to visit my other grandparents – and I was not coming along – I was really bummed. Then they told me I was going to be spending a few days with Beef Bourguignon Lady and Laughing Dude and I was thrilled. I immediately went to work on our schedule for the time I was going to be there.

You see, they are not what you might call “pet people” so I thought I might need to keep them entertained. I knew Day 1 was going to be spent working, and I would sit in on client meetings (yes, I am fully aware of their confidentiality issues, thank you), I would alert them when the mail has arrived or when someone walked by the window, and if they were lucky, I may help answer the phone (but I am a lousy message-taker.) After all that, I knew we would need a schedule heavy in playing and light in working, so this is what I have for days 2 & 3:

8:00 AM First walk of the day. I am on vacation and there is no need to get up at 6:30 AM. Let me sleep, people!

8:30 AM Breakfast. (Update: I really was not sure if the regular Servants were totally abandoning me, so I wasn’t too keen on eating in the morning. But that may have been a ploy to get more chicken…)

8:45 AM – 9:30 AM Nap time. I’m exhausted.

9:31 AM It’s play time. C’mon people, I am good and rested so let’s go out back and chase some lizards. Grandpaw: It is time to chase me around the yard, then we can take another quick walk and rub my belly. The day is shaping up nicely!

10:00 AM Let’s see where Grandma is and what kind of treats she has for me. (Note to self: put on the best hungry face you can muster. She always falls for it.)

10:05 AM After being adored, I am once again exhausted. This time I shall nap near the back door.

12:00 Noon Maybe I can con them into giving me lunch. Do you think they know that I don’t get a midday meal at home? (Once again, deploy hungry face).

12:05 Time to make Grandpaw play with me again (this guy is pretty fun!)

12:30 PM There must be some sporting event to watch on TV. I will sit in your lap and help you work the remote.

2:30 PM Once again time to check on Grandma in the kitchen. (By “check on“, obviously I mean “more chicken!!!“)

2:35 PM Nap time on the super comfy couch.

5:00 PM Now is the time for my long walk. I likely will try to be lazy and see if I can get out of walking as soon as I go to the bathroom. I am confident I will make that work.

6:00 PM Time to find the lady with the food again… DINNER!

8:00 PM Time for the Grandpeople’s dinner. I like to call this “see if you can resist my cuteness while you eat and I stare at you waiting for you to drop stuff.” (Update: These are some neat eaters. Darn. But I did score some treats after they were finished.)

8:30 PM Pre-bed belly rubs.

9:30 PM Quick walk then off to bed – I need to save up some energy so we can do it all again tomorrow!

When my regular Servants came back and asked how my stay was, they were delighted to hear it was awesome! They were, however, a little less delighted to hear me suggest that they pack and go somewhere else so I can go back.


Isn't my HRC collar cute?

This past weekend, the Servants changed out my collar to the special Human Rights Campaign one. (Shouldn’t I have a Doggie Rights one? I guess that is a topic for another day.) You see, it was Pride week in Key West, and they wanted me to show my support for equal rights for all people.  Continue reading Pride

Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Dog is Better Than Being Human

I think that there are so many reasons why it is better to be a dog than a human. Especially a rescue dog. As a rescue, I have a bit of a different perspective on things. Here are some of the top ones (in no particular order).

1. Calendars. I honestly could not care less if it is Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, 10 AM or 10 PM. It just doesn’t matter. Unless I have to go to the groomer or vet (and frankly, I’d rather not…), or if I have a play date, I have all the same stuff to do regardless of day and time.  Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Dog is Better Than Being Human

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover (or whatever that saying is)...

That is me, with Aleyka. We are having a good time.

I like routine. My routine usually goes something like this: Wake up (and jump into the Servants bed for a snuggle), grudgingly go for a walk, eat breakfast, run around the house a bit, go for another walk, snooze on the couch while Servant(s) work, go for another walk, eat dinner, play with toys, run around yard, snuggle on the couch, grudgingly go for yet another walk. Continue reading Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover (or whatever that saying is)…

Milking It

Do I look starved for attention? I didn't think so, either...

Did you ever feel like you just might want a little extra attention? I know, I know, I get plenty of attention and should be happy with what I have. Other dogs would feel very lucky to have the kind of Servants I do. Nonetheless, sometimes I just need more, you know? Continue reading Milking It