Birthday Parties? I want one!

I think I will wear this to my next party. Whaddaya think?

You may have read the Lady Servant’s take on the doggie birthday party here, but I have my own views. This past weekend the Servants told me that my friend Max was turning two. I had a bit of a hard time […]

I Smell Good

The way I see it, the main difference between dogs and humans (besides the opposable thumbs thing)┬áis this: For the most part, humans love to be clean. They shower, they wash their hair, they buy fancy soaps that smell good. They are obsessed with cleanliness. To say I don’t get it is a bit of […]

Impressive Dog Tricks

I like the whole ballot casting process.

Every time the Servants set out to get me in the car, I put up a fight. Why? Because it is fun. I like the car and everything, but I also like the game of them chasing me around and eventually catching me (when I let them) and […]


Behold the magical fridge.

Just last night the servants threw me for a loop with this one. It is, apparently, another holiday. I know, right? There are so many. The last one, they tell me, was filled with delicious food. Now, that is a holiday I can get behind. This one, not so much.