The Voice

I know by the subject, you may think I am talking about that television show where judges twirl around on fancy chairs, but alas, that is not the case. I am talking about hearing voices. It is not just my imagination, either. These are real voices, and sometimes I even know the human behind the […]

Movin’ On Up

This is my "you-cannot-resist-me-so-don't-bother-trying" look. Whaddaya think? Cute, huh?

No, this is not another rant about moving to a new place (though I do LOVE the backyard, I really miss some of my doggie friends from the old ‘hood.) Start singing the theme song from The Jeffersons with me “movin’ on up… to the […]

Play Time

Here I am, with Henry.

As you know from last week, this whole moving thing has been quite exhausting. I never really know what is going on, and even if the Servants try to tell me, I am not usually listening to them. So, when I got in the car last week and saw […]


Usually I just nap without my toys, but Lady Servant thought this was funnier. This is me, with dead rabbit.

I am pretty sure the Servants have lost their minds, and all I can do is sit by and watch. The other day, out of nowhere, the Servants went into their closet and starting getting […]

The Name Game

Now, this is my kind of island!

Babka-Babka-Bo-Babka-Banana-Fana-Fo-Fabka-Me-Mi-Mo-Mabka… Babka! Apparently that was a song. It sounds kind of ridiculous to me, but then again, a lot of human names seem silly to me. My Servants have all sorts of nicknames for me: Babka-licious (’cause I’m so yummy!), Killer B (you should see me chase […]

Rainy Day

You know, I thought that living in Florida meant that I could go outside to play every day, and that taking a walk and going to the bathroom would be glorious… all in the sunshine or under a nice, shady tree. Well, nobody told me about the rain.



People keep asking Lady Servant and Man Servant what I am. They have a few standard replies. “She’s a mutt”, “She’s a Jack Russell mix”, or “She’s got some Schnauzer in there.” But sometimes people persist in wanting to know more. One day, we were out to lunch at Sparky’s Landing in Marathon and a […]

The New Dog Smell

I know my freshly cut look is cute, it just takes so much effort!

I just don’t get it. Why on earth do I need to get my haircut? So it grows… so what? I look cute when I am shaggy. Plus, it is easy to see where I have been, as I leave […]


You’ll notice that there are no photos with this one. That is right. There is no chance of my people getting a photo of me sopping wet while flailing around. Sorry, folks, I have a little too much pride for that.

Can someone please tell me what the deal is with the humans obsessing over […]

I Want to Drive

Sometimes I find it a little annoying that every time I go out I need to tether either my Lady Servant or Man Servant to me with a leash. I don’t know why they always insist on coming places with me, and sometimes I just need a little alone time, you know?